Between my unpredictable sleep schedule and the desire to just stare at her all day, I wondered whether it was even a good idea for fitness to be a top priority in my life at that time.   As a former college athlete, being active has always been part of my routine. I stayed active and lifted weights for the duration of my pregnancy, but when McKayla got here, the sheer state of exhaustion was almost enough for me to break the habit.


The giggles I get from McKayla when chasing her around the house or racing her on the track are all the motivation I need.

I also think it’s important to model healthy behavior. It’s easier to get kids to eat vegetables when they see you eating vegetables. It’s easier to get kids to be active when they see you being active. Parents are a child’s biggest influences in early life, and setting a positive example early on can help build a good foundation for a healthy future.

Most importantly, staying fit and active is a fun way for me to spend quality time with my family — It doesn’t always have to mean spending hours isolated in a traditional gym. We take family outings to the park to play tag, or to the track to have races. Climbing trees, running bases and riding bikes are all awesome activities that ramp up your heart rate and turn up the fun on family time.