She was one of over 67 million people to pass through London Bridge Station in an average year while just a few miles away Kings Cross Station is clocking up footfall numbers of 47 million! Train ticket prices have consistently risen, and in 2003 the Congestion Charge was introduced to limit the colossal number of cars that would enter Central London.

My first degree was in Ocean Science, my second in Marine Science and Socio-Economics, so it’s safe to say that my mind is never too far away from the sea and environmental matters.

When I left university I spent some time thinking about what I wanted from a career. During this time, I was given some advice about planning my future which I will treasure forever. Professor Anthony Finkelstein said to me


Taking this advice led me to pursuing the role of Fitness and Training Manager at Reebok UK, and ultimately being able to run to my meetings instead of spending my days as part of that crowd at London Bridge.

In preparation for our CrossFit Games Open I had six locations to get to and a very tight schedule but, having mapped out the locations, I realised that I was going to end up spending the entire day on the tube/buses/in cabs. So I looked at the distances between each gym, and established that none was greater than 3-4 miles. My decision was made: I was going to run.