In honor of the Israeli celebration of TuB?Shevat, WeRHunting has gathered some advice on how to ?be green? in the office. TuB?Shevat is the Jewish New Year of the trees. In Israel it has become a type of national Arbor Day. Israel is a small country with limited resources which makes Israelis pay extra attention to being green, conserving water and reducing energy usage. Of course we can all always use a few reminders, so here are some easy tips.

·         Power down! Tons of electricity (and money) is wasted by leaving computers and lights on when they are not needed -- turn lights, computers, printers, screens and speakers off. Unplug devices that are not in use. Unplug phone chargers that are not charging. Use energy efficiency settings, for example have monitors sleep (not screen saver) when you step away from your computer.

·         Save! Save trees and water by reducing paper use. Email CVs to recruiters or colleagues, take interview notes on the computer or a laptop. Email contracts and save them on a computer. If you must print?

·         Recycle! Print on both sides of the paper or use the back side of paper for scrap or to fax those contracts. Use recycled paper. And paper is not the only thing that can be recycled. Recycle bottles and cans. Recycle toner or ink cartridges and buy recycled toner or ink cartridges. Even things like old cell phones, old computers, printers or faxes can be recycled or donated.

·         Share a ride! Taking a train or bus, carpooling, riding a bicycle or walking to work can be a great way to save energy and money as well as reducing pollution. Take the bus or train, you might even have time to rehearse your interview questions and answers.

·         Look Green! Look for a ?Green? Job. Any job can be ?Green? if the company embraces sustainable practices and makes efforts to be environmentally friendly. ?How sustainable is the company?? is a good question to ask on your next interview. If a company is not sustainable, how long will that job be around? If you do have a job, encourage sustainable practices, for the company as a whole and for individuals, like?

·         Bring Lunch! Here at WeRHunting we usually bring our lunch to work. Eating lunch on ceramic dishes, drinking coffee out of ceramic mugs or glasses, all of which we wash and use again, saves tons of waste. It prevents paper plates and other packaging from ending up in landfills. So, bring your lunch to work in a reusable container.

With energy costs rising, climate change becoming more problematic and population growth straining natural resources, it is now more important than ever to think about all the little things we do that effect the world around us. These easy tips can be useful in the job search, at the office and at home to save money and the environment. See how you can ?be green? and make the world a better place.

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