?How to write a book?? This is a very common question that people are asking when they want to write a book. A question that people think is very difficult to have an answer. A question that not everybody can answer to. And this question entails a lot that all writers want to know. Everybody have their very own stories that they want to tell, they have their own stories that they want to share either because they are doing it to publish it so people can see it or they are just doing it because they enjoy to do it. Either way, people have difficulties on how to write it. Perhaps you have so many ideas in mind, you have many concept that you want to conceptualize from the novels that you read, from the movies that you watched and from the people that you encountered but you dont know how to write it and and where to start. And we all have fear that no one will read it, and it takes a lot of work, it takes long time and there is absolutely a big risk if you are writing the correct thing or using the right words. there are more than one million books published in the US along every year. Of those, some two thirds are self published, and it is the fact that books are declining. And we all know why it is happening, because people don't want to write because they think they don't know ? How to write a book?. Sometimes, the worst scenario for a writer is when you are in front of a black screen, waiting for an ideas to be filled in.

Writing a book is not that easy but knowing the secret how to do it will surely makes everything in place. And there are 3 keys on how to write a book with ease. First, KNOW YOUR READERS: as writers basically we are writing a book to express ourselves, to let people know what we want them to know, we are considering all about us and how to sell ourselves. We ignored the main factor to consider in writing a book which is our readers because they are the one who buys our book. There are 2 ways people are motivated: they are motivated by pain, their problems, the things they want to move away from and from their frustrations. And they are also motivated by their goals, their wants, their aspirations and their their desires. and people are already motivated to buy and you don't have to use the old model of trying to convince them. They don't just buy your book, they want something, they want results and if you can figure out what the result they wanted, you have a better chance in selling your book. Second, CREATE A STRUCTURE: basically as writers, we are writing anything, write them all over and then just simply pick ideas that we think can be consider. But we have to try making a structure or an outline to make things easier. You have to figure out how to bridge the gap between what they don't want and what they want. And knowing all these will makes writing so easy since you already have an idea what to write so that your readers will surely read your book. You already know the path to follow and you can surely save your time as well. Just make an outline of what your readers wants and what they don't want. Third, FILL IN THE BLANKS: this is where you pretend that you are talking to one person. Remember a quote : ?A road to someday is to a town called nowhere?. Most people says ?someday I will write a book, someday when I have enough knowledge, if I have enough time but this is not the right thing to do. The power is doing it now. What are your thoughts on this how to write a book training And you just have to imagine yourself as the reader, so what do you want? What are your expectations? Then as a writer, explain it to them and give them the main points. In this way, you can somehow go to your readers shoes.

Writing a book for the first time and even for the second time will surely face difficulties in one way or another. But whatever difficulties you will encounter, you have to start writing now. In doing so, you are taking the first step to write your own book. Remember, a book with 1,000 pages starts with a single word. So stand up, face your doubts about writing a book and start writing now. it doesnt matter if you dont know ? how to write a book ? as long as you know there is a balance among the passion and structure. So fear not, you have to start it now with confident of all the things you learned in ?3 keys how to write a book with ease?.